Unable to Cleanse Void Magic in "The Silver Hand" Scenario

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

On stage 8 of "the silver hand", I am unable to cast or obtain credit for cleansing two NPCs

If you're having trouble completing the scenario for the quest "The Silver Hand" because you can't cleanse the void-afflicted paladins, make sure that your character is set to Holy specialization. Only Holy Paladins have the ability to Cleanse magical effects from their target. The version used in Retribution or Protection specializatoins can only remove poisons and diseases.

If your specialization is set to holy and you still cannot proceed with this quest, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Being in a raid group means that you cannot get progress for regular quests, so make sure you're not in a raid:
    1. Use the following command in your chat window: /script LeaveParty() 
    2. Try the quest again
  2. AddOns can sometimes cause problems interacting with items in the scenario. To test this, log out of your game and turn off all of your AddOns, then log back in and try the scenario again
  3. Leave the zone and come back, which should fix any phasing issues that may be occurring with the scenario
  4. If none of these work, you may have a corrupted User Interfacef file. Follow the steps in the Resetting the World of Warcraft User Interface article to resolve these
If after completing these steps, you're still unable to complete the quest, submit a bug report