Installing Hearthstone on SD Card

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I don't have enough space on my phone to install Hearthstone.
  • How do I move Hearthstone to my external memory?
  • Hearthstone takes up too much space after a patch.

Hearthstone on Android takes up to 4 GB of storage when fully installed. The initial 80MB .apk is always downloaded to your device's internal memory.

If you don't have 4 GB of free space available on your internal storage, you can install Hearthstone on your external SD card. To do so, simply choose SD Card when prompted during installation.

If Hearthstone is already installed on your device, you must uninstall the game and choose the SD Card option when reinstalling.

Note: Running applications from an SD card is slower than running from internal memory. This may impact Hearthstone's performance on your device.