World of Warcraft: Classic is live! Whether you are a returning or current player, please make sure to read the following:

Reported issues

Quest: "Devourer of Souls" cannot be completed

INVESTIGATION IN PROGRESS: Please see this support article for more information.

Can’t find class quests in Sunken Temple

CONFUSION: Sunken Temple class quests are not in phase 1.

Blackrock Depths (BRD) bank vault coffers and chest of the seven despawning

UNDER INVESTIGATION: The reports are being investigated.

Quest "The Missing Diplomat" - no credit for Private Hendel

UNDER INVESTIGATION: The reports are being investigated.

Useful information

How to play World of Warcraft Classic

Access to WoW Classic is available to all players with an active World of Warcraft account. If you lost access to your account, you can recover it here.

Note: If you last played World of Warcraft before 2009, follow these steps to recover your account..

Installation and Update

World of Warcraft: Classic needs to be installed through the Blizzard App by selecting the icon for World of Warcraft and choose World of Warcraft Classic from the Version selector. If you come across any issues during installation, please see our guide for troubleshooting installation issues.

System Requirements for World of Warcraft Classic can be found here.

Bug or not?

World of Warcraft Classic will be true to the original, so you may find the game different in many aspects. We have compiled a list of features which can be perceived as a bug or problem but are not.