Burning Crusade Collector's Edition Code

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Purchasers of the European World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Collector's Edition are kindly asked to complete the following process in order to upgrade their account and receive their exclusive Netherwhelp in-game pet.

Please do not contact our billing support team on this issue, as they are unable to provide any further details or speed the process.

Step 1

Gather the following original items from your collector's edition

  • Collector Set Reference Card

The Burning Crusade Collector Set Reference Card
This card can be found at the back of the World of Warcraft trading Card Game exclusive cards pack.

  • Collector's Edition barcode

    TBC Back SheetThe Burning Crusade Barcode

Please cut it out from the content description sheet at the back of the box.

Note: Only the original items will be accepted, not copies.

Step 2

Print out your account management page
(A4 format please). Your account name must be clearly visible. You will also need to include your first and last name, Battle.net email address, and the answer to your security question on a separate sheet.

Note: If you don't have access to a printer please include your World of Warcraft account name with your other details (email address, first and last name).
Take extra care to write in black in capital letters, as clearly as possible, in order to avoid typing mistakes.

WoW Account Managament

Step 3

Send these elements by post to the following address

Blizzard Entertainment SAS, 
Service Clientèle - The Burning Crusade Collector
145 rue Yves le Coz,
78000 Versailles,

We cannot accept responsibility for lost mail. We would recommend, if possible, the use of registered mail. The items included will not be returned.

Step 4

Your Netherwhelp pet will be activated as soon as possible.

Your Netherwhelp Pet will be activated within a few days following receipt of your letter.

Depending on the time your letter will take to reach us, this could take up to 10 days overall to activate your pet. If anything is missing from your letter, we will contact you by email. In the meantime, please do not contact our billing support team on this issue, as they are unable to provide any further details or speed the process, and the extra calls would adversely affect their service to players.

Netherwhelp in-game pet

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