Diablo® III Scam Policy


In Diablo® III, players are provided with the means to protect themselves from scams by using good judgment when trading and using the game’s built-in trade window. Before an in-game trade is completed, both players must click Approve in the trade window. It is up to both players to make sure that the trade is correct before approving it. 

Because players are empowered with secure trading systems, Customer Support will not intervene in trade disputes. Use the tips below to avoid being scammed:

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Scam Victim

  1. Never drop items on the ground
    When an item is dropped from your inventory, it becomes available for any player in the game to pick up. A common scam involves tricking you into dropping your items on the ground instead of using the secure trade window.
  2. Never lend items to anyone you do not trust
    A scammer might ask to “try out” an item before trading, but you should never hand your items to an unknown player.
  3. Never run scripts provided by other players.
    Some scammers will offer you with a script, claiming it will help you play the game, swap your gear, or provide other benefits. These scripts typically cause damage to your hero or force you to drop items..
  4. Pay attention to all trade transactions
    The secure trade window provides a way to safely trade with other players in Diablo III. Always double-check the item you are trading and its stats before accepting the trade.

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