Guild Master Dethrone

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Guild Dethrone is an in-game system that allows an active guild member to take leadership from an inactive guild master. This is to encourage guild activity by giving players a way to promote a new leader if theirs has been absent for an extended period of time.

When is a guild leader considered to be inactive?

A guild leader is considered inactive when the guild master character has been offline for at least 90 consecutive days. Once 90 days of inactivity have elapsed, a notification will appear in the Guild News & Events feed for guild members who are eligible to become the new guild leader.

Note: The 90-day timer only considers the login activity of the guild leader character, not the account that the character is on. Logging into other characters on the same account will not reset the timer.

What makes a guild member eligible for leadership?

Eligibility is determined by guild rank and activity. Eligible characters may be up to the third rank down from Guild Master and must have logged in within the last week. Characters lower than the third rank down from Guild Master will never be eligible to claim guild leadership.

How do I request leadership?

Any eligible guild member will be able to request leadership by clicking on the Guild News & Events notification. Lower rank characters will lose the ability to claim guild leadership if a higher rank character logs into the game. For instance, characters in the third rank will lose the ability to claim leadership when a character in the second rank logs in. If no Guild News & Events notification is present, your character may not have a high enough rank in the guild, or the leader is not yet considered inactive.

Note: It may be possible for characters lower than the third rank down from Guild Master to see the notification. If these characters try to claim guild leadership, they will receive an error message and no dethroning will occur.

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