Mists of Pandaria Trial

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The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Free Trial allows players with a full World of Warcraft licence to try content from the Mists of Pandaria expansion for 10 days.

Note: Starter Edition licences are not eligible for the Mists of Pandaria trial.

To get started:

  1. Log in to your Battle.net Account Management page.
  2. Select the World of Warcraft licence you would like to apply the trial to.
  3. Click Free 10-Day Trial on the right-hand side. Your trial period will begin immediately.

You can upgrade to the full version of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria at any time. If you want to upgrade your game licence digitally, visit the Account Upgrade page. If you want to claim a game key that was included in a box copy, visit the Code Redemption page.

Eligibility & Limitations

  • The Mists of Pandaria trial can only be claimed for a single World of Warcraft licence on a Battle.net account.
  • You do not need an active subscription to use the Mists of Pandaria trial.
  • If you already have active game time (including a subscription or free game time from another promotion) on your account, it will not be extended by the trial.
  • Any remaining free trial time will carry over if you upgrade to a full licence.

Character Restrictions

  • The trial provides access to all the expansion content, including the new Monk character class and Mists of Pandaria-exclusive areas. These new zones are recommended for characters who have reached level 85.
  • Any characters you play during the trial will stop gaining experience at one point below level 86.
  • The characters you create during your trial will count toward your maximum limit of 11 characters per realm and 50 characters per licence. If you reach your limit, you can delete these characters at any time.
  • Your character will keep any items, gold, or pets you gain during the trial period.
  • Any characters that are left in expansion-only zones at the end of the trial will be transported to their hearthstone’s bind point or their home city.
  • Monk characters created during the trial period will be unavailable for play until your World of Warcraft licence is upgraded to Mists of Pandaria.

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