Our naming policy rules apply to all player chosen names in-game. We cannot change names upon request. If your character has a name that does not violate our naming policies, but you would still like to change it, please have a look at our Name Change service.

If you see a name that you feel violates our naming guidelines, please report it using the in-game reporting featureFor Role Playing realm-specific naming rules, visit our RP and PvP Realm Policies article.


In most cases, a player will receive a warning about the offending name and will be assigned a randomly generated temporary name. A message will be sent to the account's registered email address with instructions on how to change the temporary name to one of the player’s choosing. In guild name violations, the message will be sent to the guild leader.

Violating any area of the policy detailed above may result in a suspension from the game. For questions concerning our penalty system, please see the Account Penalties page.

Note: If you would like to appeal a penalty placed on your account, please see How to Appeal Suspensions and Closures.


Minor Violations

Minor violations include any names that:

  • Are trademarked or licenced by a company or an individual.
  • Consist of a string of letters which do not produce a pronounceable name (e.g. Asdfasdf, Jjxccm, Hvlldrm).
  • Consist of language existent only in online communication (e.g. Roflcopter, xxnewbxx, Roxxoryou).
  • Consist of any title prefix attached to a character's name, fantasy-based or not (e.g. Kingmike, Presidentsanchez).
  • Consist of any references to the real world, including people and places (Britneyspears, Newyork, Austinpowers).
  • Consist of a partial or complete sentence contained within the name (Hihowareyou, Ilikebeans).

Serious Violations

Serious violations include any names that:

  • Insultingly refer to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people, be they in the game or external.
  • Include the names of any World of Warcraft customer support representative or employee of Blizzard Entertainment (both real names and aliases).
  • Are mildly inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.
  • Are references to illegal drugs or activities.
  • Have racial, ethnic, or national connotations.
  • Have any connotations of major religions or religious figures (e.g. Jesus, Christianity, Buddha).
  • Include names of World of Warcraft realms, zones, or names of major characters from Warcraft lore.
  • Are otherwise considered inappropriate for the game world.
  • Advertise any organisations or websites.

Severe Violations

Severe violations include any names that:

  • Have any racial or ethnic connotations.
  • Have any national connotations.
  • Refer to extreme or violent sexual acts.
  • Refer to extremely violent real life actions.
  • Negatively refer to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players.
  • Are inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.
  • Are pornographic in nature.