Public Test Realm / Region Information

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The Public Test Realm/Region (PTR) is a special service you can use to test patches before we release them to the public. When we start a PTR test for a new patch, we’ll announce it on the applicable game’s website. We run PTRs in English, French, German, and Korean.

If you need help with the PTR, check the PTR forum for the game ( Diablo III | StarCraft II | World of Warcraft ). PTR forums are only available when the PTR is running.

Note: World of Warcraft PTR realms are only available to players who have a World of Warcraft account with active game time.

Create a PTR Account

Before you can log in to the PTR, you must create a PTR game account. If you have participated in a PTR test before, you already have a PTR account. Heroes of the Storm will automatically create a PTR account when you log in to the game, so you can skip this step.

Diablo III and StarCraft II

  1. Log in to your Diablo III/StarCraft II account in Account Management.
  2. Click Create a PTR Account.

World of Warcraft

  1. Log in to Account Management.
  2. Select a World of Warcraft retail account.
  3. Select Additional Services, then click Public Test Realm.
  4. Click History/Status to create your PTR account.

Note: Copied characters do not share progress with their originals on live servers.

Diablo III PTR game account example.

Install the PTR Game Client

To play on a Public Test Realm, you’ll need to install the PTR game client for the game you want to test.

  1. In the desktop application, click the game you want to test.
  2. Switch to PTR in the game account/game region selector, as shown to the right.
  3. Click Install.

Copying Characters

Diablo III

To copy heroes from your main Diablo III account:

  1. Log in to Diablo III with your main account.
  2. Click PTR Copy in the upper-right corner. 
Note: You must create a hero on the PTR before the copy banner will appear for your main Diablo III account.

World of Warcraft

You need to use the in-game character copy feature to copy a character from your main World of Warcraft account to the PTR. To do so:

  1. Log in to the World of Warcraft PTR.
  2. Click Copy Character on the character select screen.
  3. Click Copy Account Data to transfer your live account settings to the PTR.
  4. Select a character and click Copy.

Note: Character Copy will be disabled before the Public Test Realm goes offline.

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