Requesting a Name be Released for Reuse

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We often receive requests from players to free up a character name. This is something we are happy to investigate, but the criteria that must be met is very stringent and it's not a request we can always grant. If you are an active player, you do not need to worry that your character names will be changed, even if you have been playing other characters for a while.

If a requested name is on a completely dormant account, it may be eligible for release. There are several other factors that must be considered and the release of a name is never guaranteed.

If it is determined that a specific name can be released:

  • We will respond to your ticket, alerting you that the name has been made available.
  • We cannot guarantee that the released name will remain available. Time is of the essence in claiming a name that has been freed for this purpose.
  • We will not be able to rename your character as a part of this request. To claim the released name for your own, you will need to create a new character or utilize our character renaming or transfer services.

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