World of Warcraft Starter Edition

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The World of Warcraft® Starter Edition lets you access World of Warcraft for free—all you need is a account and a broadband Internet connection.

You can create a Starter Edition account by visiting World of Warcraft Account Creation, receiving a Recruit a Friend invite, or using a trial key found in some physical versions of our games. The Starter Edition will remain active indefinitely, even if you decide not to keep playing. You can upgrade to the full version of World of Warcraft at any time.

Note: Each account is limited to one World of Warcraft Starter Edition at a time.

With the Starter Edition you can:

  • Create new characters.
  • Level any character up to 20.
  • Earn up to 10 gold per character.
  • Level any profession up to 100.
  • Chat in /say and /party.
  • Whisper your friends.

You do not have access to the following while on the Starter Edition:

  • Expansion content (quests, zones, etc).
  • Characters above level 20.
  • Pet Battles.
  • Other chat channels and whispers to non-friends.
  • All guild-related functions.
  • Value added services (character transfers, faction changes, etc).
  • Party formation.
  • Disabling experience gains.
  • Trade, mail, or the Auction House.
  • Voice chat or Real ID.

Starter Edition for Returning Players

If your subscription runs out, you can still play World of Warcraft. The restrictions listed above still apply, but you'll be able to participate in guild chat, whisper guildmates, and join guilds your other characters belong to.

Note: If a realm has a login queue, the system will prioritize players who have non-starter accounts.

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