Scroll of Resurrection - Information & Known Issues!


The Scroll of Resurrection has just been infused with powerful glyphs, making it more potent than ever before. For a limited time, you can earn a free faction mount when you use a Scroll of Resurrection to bring a friend or former guildmate back to World of Warcraft. You can read more about this update on the blog post announcement: Earn Legendary Rewards with the New Scroll of Resurrection.

To help you navigate the new system, and to help answer any questions you might have, the Customer Support Team has posted the following articles for your information:

We recommend first reviewing these articles if you have any questions about how the system may work, but if you have any further questions, feel free to let us know by submitting an online support ticket.  Additionally, please review the list of known issues displayed below.



Compromised Accounts

If you are returning to World of Warcraft using the Scroll of Resurrection and your account has been compromised, visit our Account Security page for steps on securing and recovering your account.



Known Issues

  • Can't Character Transfer/Faction Change & Level Boost Separate Characters - This is intended; the Scroll of Resurrection benefits can only be applied to 1 character.  You may not faction change or server transfer a different character than the one you intend to level to 80.
  • Inventory Items Mailed to Pre-Transfer Character – You should not log into your character after you have selected it to receive a level boost and a transfer but before the transfer is complete. This can cause your inventory items to be mailed to the character while it’s still on the old realm and may end up being left behind once the character transfers to its new realm/faction. If you did log in, immediately pick up all your mail from the mailbox in the game.
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