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Didn't Receive Free Game Time During Promotion

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  • A friend received 3 days of free game time but I didn't
  • A guild mate got some free days, but I didn't receive that email
  • Where can I claim the 3 free days?

Promotions for free days of game time are exclusive to eligible accounts.

If your account is eligible we will send you an email to let you know. To make sure you receive our promotional emails, enable the option to Receive News and Special Offers. Our emails do not contain codes —if you received an email with a code, it could be phishing.

Even if you didn't receive an email from us, if you are eligible for free days you will see them ready to claim in the Gifts section of the app. If you have multiple WoW accounts, make sure you claim your free days on the correct one!

Customer Support cannot grant free promotional days.