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Didn't Get OWL Tokens From Newsletter Sign Up

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  • I never received the free 100 overwatch league tokens
  • Signed up for the Overwatch League Newsletter but didn't get any tokens yet

Free Overwatch League Tokens for signing up to the OWL Newsletter are delivered after the sign up campaign finishes. After that date, it will take a few days for Tokens to be sent to your account. If you play on PC, you must redeem your Tokens from your Gifts. If you play on Console, you must Link your Console and Accounts to redeem your Tokens. Tokens must be redeemed before they expire. 

The most recent sign up campaign ended on April 29, 2020. If you signed up and you didn't yet receive your OWL Tokens it means that the email address you signed up with isn't the same one as your account email. Whether you signed up with the wrong email, or you missed the sign up period, Customer Support cannot assist with granting OWL Tokens.