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Missing Criteria for the Loremaster Achievement

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Problemas comunes

  • Unable to obtain the title "The Loremaster"
  • Unable to complete the achievement Loremaster of Legion
  • Unable to complete the achievement Loremaster of Draenor

The Loremaster Meta Achievement has some faction-specific sub achievements. As a result, the required tasks to complete each achievement must be done on characters of the corresponding faction. Example: An Alliance character will see Westfall and Duskwood for Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, a Horde character will see Silverpine Forest. If an Alliance completed the sub achievement it will still be shown as grey for the Horde side if the Horde quests were not yet completed. When logged in as Alliance and Westfall is complete it will be shown as marked. If logged in as Horde the sub achievement will be shown as grey.

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