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Can't Complete Factory Refurbished

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  • I am unable to collect the scraps needed for the quest.
  • I've crafted the "Bundle of Recycled Parts," but still haven't received credit for the quest Factory Refurbished.
  • I can no longer collect the required materials.

To complete Factory Refurbished you have to collect the required scraps to create a Bundle of Recycled Parts. The items you collect are unique, so you will need to have all the items in your inventory to be able to create the Bundle. 

When creating a Bundle of Recycled Parts make sure you are not in a Raid group otherwise quest credit won't be granted. 

Once you have the specific amount of each item needed, that item will no longer drop. If you notice you are missing reagents when attempting to create the Bundle, but are no longer getting them as drops, check your bank and mailbox.