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Missing Panda Cub from Mount and Game Time Bundle

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  • Got the Steamscale Incinerator, but no panda cub
  • Had the panda cub but deleted it by mistake, can I get it back?

The Panda Cub pet was only available in select regions as a part of the time-limited Steamscale Incinerator and 180 days of game time bundle. This bundle is no longer available.

For those that purchased the bundle, the Panda Cub is only available in WoW Classic, not in Battle for Azeroth.

If you purchased a bundle that included the pet, your WoW Classic character will be eligible for a quest to visit Landro Longshot to claim a Panda Cub collar. The quest can be picked up from any capital innkeeper, or from Landro Longshot himself. If you delete the collar by mistake, you can return to Landro for a replacement.

Note that if there is a payment issue with your order, the Panda Cub collar may stop working.