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Regret Purchasing Soulshape Quest Item from Night Fae Quartermaster

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  • I purchased Ursine Soul from the Night Fae quartermaster, but I would like it refunded.
  • I didn't realize Crane Soul was going to cost so much anima and would like a refund.
  • Purchased the wrong Soulshape quest item from Night Fae quartermaster and want to swap.

There are several items you can purchase from the Night Fae Covenant Quartermasters for 1500 Reservoir Anima each, which grant you a quest to unlock different appearances for your Night Fae Soulshape ability.  These quest items are not refundable, and cannot be exchanged for a different ability.  There is a pop-up window in the game that warns that the item cannot be refunded. 

Please choose your soul shape wisely.  Game Masters do not assist with refunding Reservoir Anima or exchanging these.