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Did Not Receive Primal Flamesaber Mount or Achievement Herald of Flames

Actualizado: hace 1 año
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Problemas comunes

  • Can I play with more than one friend and still get the rewards?
  • I got the achievement pop-up in Heroes but didn't receive the mount in WoW
  • I dont have the rewards, mount or the achievement from the event

The Primal Flamesaber mount for World of Warcraft and the accompanying Feat of Strength Herald of Flames were available as part of a limited time promotion in Heroes of the Storm for playing 15 games as a Warcraft Hero with a Friend between February 14 and March 14, 2017. It can no longer be obtained if you did not earn it during that time.

If you participated in this promotion and received the achievement pop-up in Heroes, but you received no mount or Feat of Strength in WoW, try the following:

  1. Log out of all Blizzard games and restart the Blizzard Desktop App 
  2. Log in to Heroes of the Storm
  3. Close Heroes of the storm
  4. Log in to World of Warcraft
  5. Search your mounts list for Primal Flamesaber (make sure all filters are enabled)

If the issue is not resolved after re-logging, try the command: /cast Primal Flamesaber