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Cannot Send In-Game Mail

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  • My send button is grey
  • Error: "You have reached the in-game cap of unique mail recipients"

If you cannot send in-game mail to another character, it can be due to the following:

  • Character's name is not available on this server or server extension was not added
  • Character is on same account but a different realm and there are gold or items that are not Bind on Account attached
  • Character is on a different account and realm and gold or items are included in the message
  • No subject line was created for the mail
  • The mail is completely blank and does not have attached items
  • The character sending the mail is on an account that does not have an active subscription/game time
  • If you receive the error "You have reached the in-game cap of unique mail recipients", you will need to wait and try again later. This is an in-game feature to prevent spam.
  • Addons interfering with the game, in which case you can perform an interface reset