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Did Not Receive Keystone Hero: Theater of Pain Achievement After Timer Increased to 38 Minutes

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I was not granted Keystone Hero: Theater of Pain when the timer was adjusted from 37 minutes to 38 minutes.
I ran a Theater of Pain 20 between 37 minutes and 38 minutes before server resets on 9/14/2021, but I was not granted the Keystone Hero: Theater of Pain achievement retroactively when I logged in.

On September 14th, 2021, the timer for Theater of Pain M+ was changed from 37 minutes to 38 minutes. Characters who had a Mythic Theater of Pain 20 time of 37:00-38:00 before September 14th's server maintenance will not retroactively be granted the achievement Keystone Hero: Theater of Pain. Customer service will not be able to grant this achievement, either.

Characters who completed Theater of Pain M+ 20 between 37:00-38:00 before the hotfix will need to time another Theater of Pain M+ 20 run within 38 minutes to properly receive the achievement after this timer adjustment.