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Can't Complete Quest - Some People Just Need Killing

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  • I am on the quest Some People Just Need Killing but Chief Prospector Hondo disappears every time I get near him in the box
  • The mob levels change every time I try to get near Hondo to kill him, can't complete the quest

The quest Some People Just Need Killing is a low level Blasted Lands quests that requires your character to speak to Zidormi to revert to an earlier phase of the zone for high level characters. The quest itself is in that phase, but we are aware of an issue where using the Inconspicuous Box reverts phasing for characters who have outleveled the original zone. 

Fortunately, the Inconspicuous Box disguise is not necessary to complete this quest. To complete this quest on a higher level character, go back to Zidormi to return to the earlier time, then simply kill Chief Prospector Hondo without using the box. 

Lower level characters whose phasing has not yet changed should still be able to use the box to complete the quest.