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Guild Displays Old Character Name After Paid Service

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  • I Faction Changed from Horde to Alliance, but in the Guild Chat I show up under my old name, and in the Roster Status I appear Offline, as an Orc instead of Worgen despite being online.
  • I've transferred my character to other realm, but in guild chat and panel people see my previous name, race and realm
  • After a faction change my old name is still showing in guild chat

We are aware of an issue where some characters after a transfer or faction change may display their old character name and server on their new realm. If you have a character restoration available, you can try to troubleshoot by deleting the character, waiting 5 minutes, and then undeleting it again. 

If you do not want to attempt the self-resolution steps, or if they do not work when you try them, contact us for assistance.