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Call of Duty Points Missing

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Najczęstsze problemy

  • I paid for points and did not receive them
  • My points disappeared

Points will be removed from your account after a refund or chargeback. If you did not have a refund or chargeback, check the following.

Console players

Call of Duty points cannot be used across platforms. You will receive your Call of Duty Points on the platform where you purchased them and will not be available on other platforms. 

If you purchased your Call of Duty points on the Battle.net Shop, you will only have them available on the PC version of the game, not on console. If you play on console, and you mistakenly purchased your points on the Battle.net Shop, contact us to cancel your purchase.

If you purchased your points on your console’s store contact PlayStation Support or Xbox Support.

PC players

If your points are missing on PC after you purchased them on the Battle.net Shop (COD points purchased on Steam will not be available on Battle.net):

  1. Verify the status of your order on your Transaction History
    • You will only receive your points if your order status is Complete. Orders can take up to 24 hours to process.
    • If your order is Complete, you may also need to relog from the game.
  2. Verify that you made your purchase on the correct Battle.net account (correct BattleTag).
  3. Verify which game you purchased the points for.
    • While you can use COD points across different Call of Duty titles, you must first log in to the game where you purchased the points. For example, if you play Modern Warfare and Cold War, and you purchased the points for Cold War, you will not see the points in Modern Warfare until you log into Cold War first.

If you verified that you purchased the points on the correct platform and the correct account, and you logged into the correct game and you still don’t have your points, please contact Activision Support for assistance.