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Can't See Mysterious Trashpiles in Zandalar

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Najczęstsze problemy

  • Can't complete Pests, the trashpile in Vol'dun isn't there
  • The Mysterious Trashpiles are missing in Zandalar
  • I can't see Jani anymore because all of the trashpiles are Scrappers
  • Can't turn in Island Flotsam to Jani, she's not there

Depending on which faction your character is, there may be different reasons you can't interact with Jani:

  • If your Alliance character is unable to see Mysterious Trashpiles in Zandalar to interact with Jani, continue questing until you have fully unlocked all of the footholds through the war campaign to fix your phasing
  • If your Horde character is trying to turn in Island Flotsam and you have Jani chosen as your loa, you will only see scrappers in the locations where the mysterious trashpiles used to be. To gain access to the trashpiles and Jani again, change your Zuldazar zone loa to either Gonk or Pa'ku by speaking to Chronicler Ash'tari