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Cannot Track Quests

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Najczęstsze problemy

  • Quests don't show up in the quest tracker
  • The quest tracker isn't tracking quest progress

In the default World of Warcraft interface, the quest tracker appears under the mini map.

  • In World of Warcraft, a quest will automatically be added to the tracker as soon as you pick it up, or each time you complete an objective towards the quest.

  • In WoW Classic, a quest will automatically appear in the tracker only when you complete an objective towards the quest, and you have Automatic Quest Tracking enabled. To enable this option open the Main Menu (ESC), click on Display, and check Automatic Quest Tracking. In WoW Classic, you can only track up to 5 quests at a time, and quests will fade from the tracker if you aren’t actively working on them.

To manually add quests to the tracker, open your quest log (L) and Shift + Click on the title of the quest. Do the same if you want to remove a quest from the tracker. This works both in World of Warcraft and WoW Classic.

If you still can’t track quests, it is likely a display issue caused by outdated addons. Update your addons and try again. If the problem continues reset your interface.