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WoW Character Stuck - Unable to Move

Zaktualizowano: 2 mies. temu
ID artykułu: 32275
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Najczęstsze problemy

  • I am stuck in the terrain and I don't have the Hearthstone
  • I can't leave the zone and I'm stuck here 
  • I am unable to move my character

Try these steps to resolve the issue in-game:

  1. Click on the ? icon to bring up the Game Menu
  2. Click on Help
  3. Click on Character Stuck!
  4. You will have the option to Use Your Hearthstone (if not on cooldown) or Teleport to Graveyard
Use the self-service option to move your character. This will often resolve the issue. 

This procedure will not open a ticket. If you find that your character is still stuck after attempting Auto Unstuck, please contact Customer Support.