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Did Not Get Credit for Achievement - Webbing Crashers

Zaktualizowano: 6 dni temu
ID artykułu: 61671
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Najczęstsze problemy

  • Completed the criteria for Webbing Crashers but was not awarded the achievement
  • I broke one of the eggs for the achievement, but everyone else in the raid got the achievement when I did not.

In order to complete this achievement, you must hit Elerethe Renferal and get threat, or you will not receive credit for killing the boss. Additionally, if one of the eggs is broken before the boss is engaged, there will not be enough eggs to complete the achievement.

There are no known issues with this achievement. If you need help completing this achievement, you can use a fan site such as the Wowhead database. If you believe you have encountered a bug, please submit a Bug Report.