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Recruit a Friend Link Status

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  • Where can I see when our RAF link will expire?
  • Are my friend and I correctly linked for RaF?
  • How long will the benefits last

To verify that two accounts are correctly linked:

  1. Log both accounts out of World of Warcraft and back in
  2. Have the recruiter open the social window (default hotkey O)
  3. Click on the Recruit A Friend tab
  4. Verify that the recruit is found on the list of linked accounts

Note: Recruits do not have an in-game display for their connection with a recruiter.

If two accounts are not linked, the most likely reason is that the recruit's WoW account doesn't qualify for the Recruit A Friend program. Only accounts that were created within the last 7 days, or that has not had active game time for 24 months or more are eligible to be recruited. Accounts created more than 7 days ago are not eligible, even if they have not previously been played on. There are additional limitations to some links based on legal restrictions in some countries. For instance, players in Brazil or Argentina can only recruit people in their own country, and players who use Rubles can only recruit or be recruited by other players who use Rubles as their assigned currency.

Recruit A Friend links lasts until the recruit has paid for 12 months of game time.

For information on how to link accounts, visit Recruiting a Friend in World of Warcraft.