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Order Status Submitted, Purchase Not Delivered

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Problemas comuns

  • I am seeing my order status as submitted but I can't play the game I was purchasing
  • How can I cancel my submitted order so I can try again?
  • My order is submitted and I don't have any game time

In most cases, a Submitted status means that required information (for example, the CVV or card expiration date) was not submitted with the request. Customer Support cannot cancel purchases that are in this state, but these purchases should fail within 24 hours.

To troubleshoot your payment issue and make a successful purchase, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Clear your internet browser's cache and cookies
  • Try your purchase with a different browser
  • Try using a different network (such as your mobile device's data plan)

If you continue having trouble, try using a different payment method.