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Missing Character in Character Self-Service Restore

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Problemas comuns

  • I can't find my character in the undelete section
  • I want to restore my character but they aren't there
  • My character is missing from the restoration list
  • Can't undelete my character

In order to undelete a character, first confirm you are on the correct game version (WoW or WoW Classic) and realm.

A character cannot be undeleted if:

  • The character shares the same name as a character currently on the realm
  • Character class restrictions have already been met
    • Example: A Demon Hunter already exists on the realm. Demon Hunters are limited to 1 per realm
  • It was below level 60 at the time of deletion AND a significant amount of time has passed - see chart below


Under level 10, a Class Trial, a level 55 Death Knight, or a level 98 Demon Hunter
Between level 10 and 29
Yes, within 90 days of deletion.
Between level 30 and 49 or a level 99-100 Demon Hunter
Yes, within 120 days of deletion.
Level 50 or higher