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Can't Find Next Quest for Warlock Green Fire Quest Chain

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  • I can't find the next quest to get my green fire
  • Tome keeps saying "You have already completed that quest" when I click on it

If you are having trouble with the warlock class questline to obtain green fire, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • If you are getting an error message, "You have completed that quest," when clicking on an item, you have already completed this part of the questline and should check quests further along in the questline.
  • If you closed the pop-up window with the quest Reader for the Dead Tongue, go to your faction's main city and speak to a Warlock trainer to pick up the quest.
  • If you abandoned part of the questline taking place in the Black Temple, head back to the front gate of the Black Temple to enter the scenario and take the quests again.
For additional assistance with this quest, you can visit Wowhead's Warlock Green Fire Quest guide.