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Night Elf Can't Pick Up Quest - A Personal Offering

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  • I race changed from human to night elf, but Tyrande isn't offering me the quest A Personal Offering
  • I faction changed to Night Elf to get Ensemble: Raiment of Amirdrassil, but I'm not being offered the quest

While all characters who have progressed through the Guardian of the Dream campaign quest line can complete chapter 7, New Beginnings, the quest A Personal Offering is a special quest only offered to Night Elf characters. Night elves will receive this quest after they complete the quest Offerings for the Well. Other characters are not offered this quest, and instead receive the next quest in the chain, New Moon.

If you race or faction changed to Night Elf after completing the quest New Moon, you are not eligible to receive the quest A Personal Offering and will not be able to unlock Ensemble: Raiment of Amirdrassil on that character. If you have another Night Elf character who has not completed New Moon yet, you can complete the quest on that character to unlock the appearance for your entire account.