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Did Not Receive Fireside Gathering Support Kit

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I set up a Fireside Gathering, it was accepted, but I have not received my promotional items

Only some promotional Fireside Gathering events feature swag support kits. We will announce these on the Hearthstone news blog.

To receive a support kit: 

  1. You must be over 18
  2. When creating your gathering, you must select the tick box to specifically request the support kit
  3. Your gathering must be approved

Even if your gathering qualifies for a support kit, these are not guaranteed. Stocks are limited —if your event is set up very close to the end of the promotion, we may have no merchandising left. Also, we won't send a support kit if there is a risk that the parcel won't arrive on time for the gathering.

Please make sure your shipping information is accurate and be aware that shipments outside of the United States can take longer to arrive.