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Cannot Open My Blizzard Data File

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  • Can't open my Blizzard Data file.
  • Getting some sort of error when trying to open it about an unrecognized file type.

You will need 7-Zip to extract these files, which can be downloaded for free at www.7-zip.org. You will also need a Decryption Key which will be created for you as part of this process. Mac users can use Unarchiver, available for free from the App Store or www.theunarchiver.com.

If your request was for Blizzard Account data, the Decryption Key (password) to open your Subject Access Report is located in your case history. For all other data requests, the password was set by you when the request was submitted.

Customer Support cannot recover, reset, or otherwise provide the password for these reports. If the password is lost, you may submit another request after 30 days.