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No Access to Guild Applicants

Обновлен: 1 год назад
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  • Our guild officers cannot invite applicants or view applicant history since our realm was connected.
  • I am the guild leader of my guild but I am not currently able to click on applicants.

We are aware of an issue where guilds on recently connected realms cannot manage their applicants, and our technical team is currently investigating the issue.

If you are the Guild Master of an affected guild, we recommend that you wait until after the weekly reset/maintenance to see if that resolves the issue. If it doesn't, try the following steps as a workaround for the issue:

  1. Update your current listing if there is more than one, or create a new one if you already have two. Add a keyword to the new listing, and ask applicants to use the new listing in that listing
  2. Reach out to players that used the old listing if possible and ask them to withdraw the application on their end. This will clear them from the Applicants list
  3. Advise those players to re-apply if they still wish, using the new/updated guild listing with the keyword so that you are able to locate those applications
If this doesn't work for you, you will need to wait until the bug fix has been applied. Customer Support does not have a way to fix this issue.