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Giropay Payment Issue

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Распространенные проблемы

  • Giropay doesn't show up as payment option
  • My Giropay purchase shows as cancelled
  • Used Giropay but I did not receive a confirmation

If you have trouble paying with Giropay check the following:

  • Giropay can only be used in Gemany
  • Verify you entered your bank details correctly
    • Check that you are using the right format. You must enter your IBAN and not your Girokonto account. Also check for typos or blank spaces
  • Verify your bank does support Giropay
  • Verify your bank account has enough funds at the time of purchase

If you tried everything and your Giropay payments fail, please contact your bank or Giropay.
If you get not successfully redirected to your Bank , please delete the Cache of your Browser of choice and try again.
If you successfully paid with Giropay but you didn't receive your product, contact us.