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Mage Tower Artifact Appearance Missing

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  • I did A Challenging Look but my appearance isn't unlocked anymore 
  • I miss a color of my artifact weapon transmog that I obtained at the Mage Tower

The Mage Tower Class Challenge was removed with Battle for Azeroth. If you are missing any appearance that was unlocked through the challenge, this appearance is no longer obtainable. 

If you completed the Mage Tower Challenge in Legion and you believe you are missing an appearance, these are the most common causes: 

1. You unlocked your artifact with a character, and completed the Mage Tower Challenge on a different character. Appearances could only be earned by completing the challenge on the same character that unlocked the artifact. 

2) You unlocked the appearances on your current character, then you transferred the character to a different account. Artifact appearances are account wide and remain on the account where they were unlocked, do not transfer with the character. Even if you have the achievement A Challenging Look, the appearances do not follow with your character if you move it to another account.

Customer Support cannot assist with granting Legion artifact appearances.