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Can't Gift

Updated: 5 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I want to buy a gift for a friend, but there is no Gift button
  • When I choose Gift, there is no option to pay with my usual payment method
  • The gift button is available but gives an error: Whoops! You can't gift this. Gifting is not available for your currency.

Gifting may be restricted for some products, payment methods, or currencies. If you don’t see the Gift button, you can Gift Balance instead if your currency and payment method allows it. If you want to gift World of Warcraft subscription, you can gift game time instead.

It is not possible to gift products across platforms. For example, you cannot buy a gift in the Shop for a friend who plays on console. Similarly, if you play on console, you can only gift through your console's store (Xbox, PSN, Nintendo) to friends who play on your same platform.