No Mount from Killing Poseidus

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • My Army of the Dead killed Poseidus and I didn't get any loot
  • Killed Poseidus cross realm and didn't get my mount

Killing Poseidus will award the Reins of Poseidus to eligible players. There are no bugs with how the Reins are distributed.

You will be eligible for the mount if the rare's health bar is red when you attack it and you stay in range of the rare until it dies. The health bar will turn grey when you can no longer obtain eligibility for the mount. If you engage the rare after eligibility has closed, or if you are not in range of the seahorse when it dies, you are not eligible to receive the mount. If the corpse is not showing loot sparkles for you, your character was not eligible for any loot and you must try to kill the rare again to obtain the mount.

The Postmaster does not recover this mount for players, so everyone who is eligible must loot the Reins or they will not get the mount. If the mount falls in an area where you are unable to loot it, you may be able to use abilities like a Loot-a-Rang or the hunter pet ability Fetch. Killing other mobs within reach of the rare may also allow you to loot it using area-wide looting.

Customer Support cannot assist with trading the mount to other players.

Note: Class Trial characters are not eligible to loot rare mounts.