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Where Is My Refund?

Updated: 6 days ago
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Common Problems

  • I have not received my money back from a refund 
  • Still waiting for my money to return after a cancellation

When you ask for a refund, your funds are not returned immediately upon request, but when the refund is approved.

  • If you use the self-service option in the website, your refund is approved immediately upon request, provided you received confirmation that you were eligible for the refund.
  • If you spoke to a Game Master instead, your refund requires the review and approval of another person, which can take a few days. 

Once an order shows as Refunded in your order history, the money is always returned to the original payment method, and Blizzard Customer Support cannot speed up the return of funds. Refunds usually take 3-10 working days to fully complete. Please note that business days do not include weekends and public holidays. Depending on the payment method, the transaction can take up to 6 weeks.