Experience Bar is Missing

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • My experience bar is missing

The experience bar will disappear if you have reached your level cap, or if you disable experience gains. If you do not own the latest expansion, your level cap is 50.

The experience bar shares space with other tracking, and you can only see 2 tracking bars at a time. To disable tracking of...

  • Experience:
    1. Talk to Behsten in Stormwind or to Slahtz in Orgrimmar
  • Honor:
    1. Press H to open the Player vs. Player tab
    2. Right click on the Honor Level icon on the right
    3. Uncheck "Show as Experience Bar"
  • Reputation:
    1. Press U to open the Reputation tab
    2. Click the correct reputation
    3. Uncheck "Show as Experience Bar"
  • Artifact:
    1. Un-equip the item

    If you are still experiencing issues, reset your user interface.