How to Establish your Tavern

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • How do I establish a Tavern?
  • Already hosted a Fireside Gathering but I still cannot establish my tavern

To Establish your Tavern, you must host a public Fireside Gathering and have at least three patrons check-in.

Once you hosted the gathering, your next visit to will prompt you to establish your tavern by giving it a name and choosing a custom sign to replace the default Fireside Gathering lantern icon.

After you establish your tavern, players that participate in your brawls can earn the Nemsy Necrofizzle hero.

Restrictions due to Covid-19

We temporarily disabled the ability to host public Fireside Gatherings. This means new innkeepers cannot establish a new tavern. You will be able to establish your tavern when it’s safe and we reactivate public Fireside Gatherings.