Extra Backpack Slots Not Available

Updated: 8 months ago
Article ID: 137430

Common Problems

  • I added an authenticator and Battle.net Phone Notifications but I didn't get my extra backpack slots yet.
  • I removed my authenticator and my extra backpack slots are gone.
  • Where did the stuff from my authenticator backpack slots go?
  • Why are my backpack slots showing as locked? I have an authenticator.

The base World of Warcraft backpack has 16 slots. You can gain 4 more slots when you add both the Battle.net Authenticator and Battle.net Phone Notifications to your account. These slots will show as locked (Modern WoW) or will be missing (Wrath and WoW Classic) until they are activated.

It can take up to 30 minutes after both security features have been added before your extra backpack slots are available —log out of the game and back in if they don't unlock. If you wait 30 minutes and still can't use the extra slots after relogging, Reset your User Interface to resolve any possible conflicts with addons.

If you remove either the Authenticator or Phone Number, your backpack reverts to its original size, the slots show as locked again, and the items in those slots are moved to free slots in another bag.

Note: If you have no free bag space when the extra slots are removed, the items will be added when you free up bag space, or they will be mailed to you.