Where Do I Continue with Uuna's Chain?

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I got Uuna, summoned her and started the chain but had to leave the game, now I don't know where to continue, I am stuck

Rare items and pets such as the Baa'l were designed as exploration and discovery content to give players a reason to work together and figure out how to find these items. We are unable to give specific hints or information that may help obtain these items or pets as it would directly undermine the design decisions made in the creation of these items.

Keep in mind that many of the rare and highly sought after items of this nature have hidden requirements, so we recommend working with others from the community on our forums or across other fan sites like WoWhead in order to track and find these items.

If you feel something is not working correctly, please use the in-game Bug Report system.