Can't Complete Quest - Cold Hearted

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 143975

Common Problems

  • There are no ice blocks with frozen Brunnhildar Prisoners inside
  • I am able to mount a flying dragon but here are no Brunnhilder Prisoners for me to free
  • I cannot see the prisoners to rescue them

We have received multiple reports of this issue and can confirm it is not working as intended. While our developers are working to resolve the underlying issue, you may want to contact Customer Support. Provided we can verify that you were impacted by this, we may be able to assist.

In the meantime try the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Try completing the quest without being part of a group 
  • Try completing the quest while part of a group started by a player on a different realm
  • Try togging Warmode off or on
  • Try dropping the quest and picking it up again
If none of these steps resolve the issue for you, submit a bug report from your in-game help menu, then contact us