Cannot Find My WoW Token

Updated: 8 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I had a Token and it vanished
  • I don't remember using my Token but it is missing
  • My WoW Token disappeared after I transferred my character

Make sure you are logged in with the character that purchased the WoW Token and check your inventory carefully. Disable any addons that may be interfering with your interface.

Note: Tokens purchased from the character selection screen will not be sent to your inventory but will instead activate the game time immediately.

Token purchased in the Auction House

  • Check your Games & Subscriptions to verify when your current game time expires
  • Confirm your are logged onto the character that completed the purchase
  • Check your inventory carefully

Token purchased in the Shop

  • If you never received the Token, visit your Transaction History to verify if the payment is pending, was cancelled, or failed
  • Check the Auction House to verify if you listed the Token and it's still unsold
  • Check your mailbox to verify if your Token was sold and your gold is ready for collection
  • Check your total gold to see if you already collected the gold

Recently Completed a Character Service

If you completed a Character Transfer or Faction Change shortly after buying your WoW Token, contact us.