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Restore World of Warcraft Character

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Common Problems

  • I want to undelete characters I deleted by mistake or accident
  • How long do I have to wait to restore a character?
  • How many characters can I restore at once?

You can restore a deleted character from your character selection screen:

  1. Click User-added image on the character selection screen.
  2. Select your deleted character and click User-added image.

Blizzard Customer Support doesn’t restore characters.


You can restore one eligible character every 7 days.

  • The service cool-down is shared between World of Warcraft, WoW Classic, and Wrath of the Lich King Classic
  • If you have multiple WoW accounts on the same account, the cool-down is also shared between them

A character is eligible for restoration depending on its level at the time you deleted it:

Under level 10*, or a Class Trial
Between levels 10 and 29
Yes, within 90 days of deletion.
Between levels 30 and 49
Yes, within 120 days of deletion.
Level 50 or higher

*Note: Allied races and Hero classes can't be restored if deleted at their starting levels.

If a character doesn’t appear on your list, it means it was purged from the database because it was below level 50 and it was deleted too long ago. Purged characters cannot be restored by any means.

When you restore a character, it will be exactly as it was when you deleted it:

  • You may be asked to rename your character at no cost if its name was taken by another player on your realm
  • If you sold your character’s gear before deleting it, you can use the Item Restoration service to recover the gear

You cannot:

  • Restore a character if you have the maximum number of characters allowed. Before undeleting a character, you must make room by deleting a different character
    • You can have a total of 60 characters across all realms in Modern WoW, 50 in WoW Classic Era, and 50 in Wrath Classic
  • Restore a WoW Classic or Wrath of the Lich King Classic character on a PVP realm if you have characters of the opposing faction on the same realm
  • Restore a character if it has the same name as another of your characters on your realm. You must delete the active character or rename it. Renaming a character is a paid service and only possible in modern World of Warcraft. Blizzard Customer Support doesn’t assist with renaming characters
  • Restore a character that was deleted on a previously decommissioned or merged realm
  • Restore a character if its creation is restricted on the realm (locked realmsfaction imbalance, etc)

Blizzard Customer Support will not assist with bypassing any of the above limitations.