Unable to purchase or download game due to age restrictions

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Getting error: You are not allowed to access this content at this time.
  • I added the wrong date of birth when the shop requested it and now I can't purchase the game.

Certain games available through Battle.net can only be purchased or downloaded if the date of birth on the account meets the minimum age requirements.

If you are below the minimum age requirements set for your location or if the date of birth on your account was entered incorrectly, you will receive the error "You are not allowed to access this content at this time". If you made a mistake with your date of birth when creating your account, please contact us.

You will find more information about our games' ratings on these websites: ESRB.org, PEGI.info, USK.de. The age rating is based on your location, for example: ESRB in the United States of America and PEGI in most of Europe.