Guild Achievement Not Granted for Dungeon or Raid

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • We killed bosses this weekend with 8 people from the guild and they haven't registered as guild kills.
  • We've cleared raids with a guild group and the achievement didn't trigger.
  • Five people from my guild ran through a dungeon and didn't get the achievement

To be eligible for guild achievements for raids and dungeons a majority of the group must be guild members.

In practice this means that:

  • 5-man dungeons require at least 3 guild members
  • 10-man raids require at least 8 guild members
  • 20-man mythic raids require at least 16 guild members
  • 25-man raids require at least 20 guild members
  • 40-man raids require at least 10 guild members

All group members must be online and near the boss to earn the achievement. Players who have released after dying may fail to count towards guild achievement credit.

If the flag in the upper-left corner of your minimap shows your guild banner, your group is considered a guild group.